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For Zhie from Kissa: Perfect Timing (Erestor/Glorfindel, R) [Dec. 24th, 2007|07:50 pm]
Lord of the Rings Secret Santa


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We only had one drop-out this year, and moanahine was awesome enough to provide a last minute backup fic, so everyone still gets a story. Thank you, Kissa!

Please send feedback to kissaperkele AT gmail.com so that it reaches the author!

Title: Perfect Timing
Author: Kissa aka moanahine
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Rating: R
WC: 2,411
Disclaimer: I do not own the elves, Tolkien does. I just played with them a bit and I’m on my way to put them back unharmed but slightly disturbed and amused of what I made them do.
Warning: mention of male elves making elflings (MPREG).
Summary: A perfectly-timed rescue on a rainy night.

Erestor very very rarely dressed in white. Glorfindel had only seen him wearing that color when they had gathered for Ecthelion’s lament. To this day, the golden lord privately thought he had not seen a greater sight of beauty than the smaller elf, long black hair left loose in the wind and white robes swirling as he walked gracefully, the feline sway of his hips proving a most alluring and highly distracting factor for the otherwise very focused seneschal. He watched as a present-day Erestor, donning his eternal, stern black robe, blended with the shadows at the other end of the hall, disappearing from sight. Glorfindel briefly thought to himself he would love Erestor equally, no matter what color he wore, , and even more if he were to be graced by the sight of the naked warrior-turned-advisor.

Elrond ribbed him firmly and Glorfindel snapped out of his conscious reverie.

“ ‘Fin, your eyes have all but rolled out from your head and glued themselves to our advisor’s comely behind. Do speak to him, or I will. You are driving me mad with your constant dancing around each other, with him avoiding you and you brooding.”

“I cannot, Elrond. He is still so sad. I have the feeling he is mourning for something or someone he lost. It would be rude of me to perturb his grief with my frivolous pursuit.”

“Indeed he is mourning, but dare I say he persists in doing so even after all this time because he is afraid to let go…. He fears that once the pain is gone, he will have nothing to replace it with, so he clings to it. In time, he has grown accustomed to it and even protects it, even from his closest friend.” Elrond spoke. “Aye, he even pushes me away when I remark his devotion for an irreparable misfortune. Do try to abate his mind from it, ‘Fin. If anyone can bring the smile on Erestor’s face again, that someone is you. And by no means is your pursuit frivolous. You have had these feelings for him ever since you have returned to us from the Halls of Mandos. To have such strong feelings still, even if they have not borne any fruit yet, that is not something I would call frivolous.”

“Thank you, Elrond. I shall consider your advice and act upon it as soon as the opportunity arises. I do wish to see a smile grace my beloved’s face.”


Later during the day, Glorfindel caught up with Erestor as he walked the halls. He saw him from a distance, walking slowly, with small shy steps, head bowed and shoulders slumped. The dark-haired advisor stopped next to one of the rooms where elflings were being taught, and he looked inside through the transparent curtains. The blond warrior watching him was not close enough to hear it, but he saw the sigh which made the advisor’s chest swell visibly.

The smaller elf continued his path down the hall, taking a few turns until he got to his own rooms. Glorfindel came up behind Erestor and smiling, he set a gentle hand on the other elf’s shoulder.

“Erestor, may I have a word with you inside?”

If he had said: “Let us set a Balrog onto Imladris and watch her being torched to the ground”, the effects would have been less devastating. Erestor jumped and moved away, turning around to face him and blocking the entrance to his rooms fiercely, adopting a defensive pose.

There was no way he could resist in front of a more practiced warrior who also had the advantage of bigger speed and strength, and they both knew that, but Glorfindel also saw the despair and determination in the river-green eyes. It was as if Erestor’s entire being, posture, look, facial expression and body language all said one thing: “Fight or die!”

Remembering what a secretive elf Erestor was, Glorfindel gave up on trying to enter the rooms the other elf seemed to be so adamant in protecting. He tried another approach.

“Will you meet me in the Hall of Fire for a drink? I wish to speak with you.”

The Hall of Fire was the most public place of Elrond’s house, it was where the entire household gathered for the meals of the day or for private conversation in small groups. The hall was always populated so Glorfindel assumed his request would not be rejected.

He was right.

Erestor followed him silently to the Hall, where Glorfindel asked for fresh lemonade for both of them and they sat down to talk.

“Dear Erestor, let me say how sorry I am for leaving you the impression I was going to burst into your rooms. It was not the most graceful thing to do of my part.”

”It is alright, Glorfindel, I over-reacted. The last time I allowed someone into my rooms, I brought great suffering upon myself.” Erestor said, lowering his gaze and blushing.

“ I merely wished to say… well… I am sure Elrond has been slipping hints to you, as he has done with me, but… Well , what I am trying to say here and failing miserably at is that I worry for you and would like to see you smile more often. As a friend who has grown to feel very strongly for you, your state worries me greatly.”

Erestor looked at him all of the sudden, a sea of emotions showing in his now stormy green eyes. Anger, pain, sadness , hope, and despair all flashed in the advisor’s gaze in this specific order.

“Whatever it is that burdens you, Erestor, you may tell me. It will feel much better afterwards and the burden will be easier to carry if you share it. You should accept the aid that is offered to you, we all love you and treasure you so much!”

At that moment, just as the dark-haired elf looked like he was about to burst into tears, he collapsed forward and Glorfindel moved closer, catching the slight elf and wrapping his arms around the skinny frame. Erestor literally melted into the embrace, sitting very still for a few long moments, seeming to enjoy the closeness, as he at one point rubbed his face in the warrior’s collar, sniffing the scent wafting from there.

Just as quick as he had closed the distance between them, Erestor jumped up, adjusted his robes and, assuming an impenetrable look, he said:

”Your offer for help is most appreciated, Glorfindel. It warms my heart to feel the extent of your generous friendship, but I find that I cannot abuse it. I am grateful though and touched by your honesty and openness.”

With those words, he bowed reverently and left in great haste, leaving a dumbfounded Glorfindel behind.

It was time for some miruvor and some thinking.


Drunk, but surprisingly lucid for his state, Glorfindel knocked at Elrond’s bedroom door in the middle of the night.

A drowsy, growling and sleep-rumpled Elrond opened the door.

”Did he ever say why he grieves?” the warrior asked, with no introduction whatsoever.

Elrond sighed and, putting a night gown on, he invited his seneschal inside for a talk.

He was as brief as he could in telling Glorfindel how, a long time ago, even before Mandos had decided to return him to Arda, Erestor had been asked to take a young man into his care and to teach him herb lore and the history of Arda. This young man had come across a writing which claimed that men could become immortal if they should have the love of an elf. Greed had clouded his judgment and he had taken advantage of the trust his tutor had invested in him and, drugging Erestor one night, he went into the elf’s and forced himself on the advisor. As expected, nothing magical had happened for the man, but after a few days, a fading Erestor had come to see Elrond claiming something was amiss, as he had decided to fade and could not do so yet. At a closer inspection, Elrond had discovered his friend was somehow carrying the man’s abomination inside him. Erestor, being the big generous soul they had always known and loved, had decided to live for the sake of the little creature growing within him.

The delivery had been a difficult one, the child had died soon after birth and Erestor had barely survived, only thanks to Elrond’s stubborn determination. Once again, Erestor had been persuaded not to fade because Elrond was lost without him in governing the land.

“And I guess he has been overly dejected these days because tonight it is some anniversary… of the events – I do not remember how many years though, but I do know it is very important for Erestor. Now go away, history lesson is over, let me sleep!” Elrond said and returned to bed.

Glorfindel went to his own room and threw himself on the couch in the living room, staring aimlessly at the rain outside and thinking of ways to help Erestor and prevent him from withering away with each passing day. His admiration for the smaller elf grew, even as he realized the amount of strength needed to fight the urge to fade after such definitive blows.

He thought he saw a silhouette dressed in white slip past his window and h rose to his feet, rushing to the window and looking outside. Spotting the white figure disappear into the trees beyond the safe border, he immediately tied his hair back, grabbed his gear and weapons and was on his way. He also stopped by the stables to get Asfaloth.

“I am sorry, my beauty, that your pristine white hooves and legs shall have mud on them tonight… I promise I shall personally bathe them with my finest oils once we are back, but now we need to go and keep Erestor from making a huge mistake.”

The horse neighed in understanding and carried his famed rider silently and effectively through the century-old trees. In a clearing not far away, they came across Erestor, who had lain on the ground, eyes closed and a peaceful expression on his face.

“Erestor, no!” Glorfindel shouted, dismounting. “Please, do not leave us now, not after winning two impossible battles!”

No reaction.

“Erestor, Elrond still needs your assistance in running Imladris!”

Still nothing.

“Erestor, please do not go! This might be the most selfish reason ever, but I love you! Please!”

The green eyes opened and looked back at him, but Erestor did not move. Glorfindel had been in that place before as well and he knew of the rigor that took over the body right before the mind slipped away. He grabbed Erestor and lifted him in his arms, mounting and heading back to safety through the thick rain.

“Erestor, I am begging you, please do not leave us! Elrond has told me what you have been through, and I love you even more!” Glorfindel pleaded. “Come back to me, please! Let me love you! I know you feel something too, I saw you blush, and I also know you feel there is no point in hoping, in loving now… that it’s too late… no, it is not!”

As he spoke these words, he caressed wet, muddy locks away from the elf’s face, kissing the now feverish forehead. Feeling Erestor’s warmth restored, he secretly cheered, but the battle was not won yet… He rained little kisses all over Erestor’s face and let the small elf shyly claim his mouth, responding passionately, but still gently.

“Do not doubt that I love you more than I love my existence here on Arda. Without you I could as well be in the dark halls of Mandos, waiting for his judgment. And even there, I would only remember the white-clad figure of the elf that has my heart.”

Finally back inside, Glorfindel did not think it twice and took Erestor into his own rooms, preparing a bath for the both of them, helping a blushing crimson Erestor settle in his lap in the tub.

Erestor let him wash his hair and the rest of his body, thus letting Glorfindel know his touch was welcome and liked. He even purred at some particularly well-placed, repeated strokes.

Once they were both dry, Erestor found himself staring in awe at the sight of a naked Glorfindel coming to whisk him up and gently place him onto the bed. Aye, indeed that would have been the wrong day to die.

Bonelessly, he let Glorfindel do all the work this first time, letting the elven warrior discover all of the little spots which made him mewl in pleasure and writhe on the bed in abandon. Erestor noted with great satisfaction that Glorfindel, whom he had always adored in secret but had never dared to dream would be available to him, was not lacking when it came to courting and love-making. Perhaps it was the love he had always sheltered for the blond champion, or the fact that he was still disbelieving that all of this was happening to him, but Erestor found his lover perfect in those moments.

Glorfindel had known exactly how much and for how long to stretch him, which points to tease and which ones to massage, and as the warrior’s equine member impaled him, Erestor did not feel the expected pain, only an overwhelming sensation of fullness and being completed in a way he had never been before. From now on, he felt, all of his worries would be divided by two and Glorfindel and he would be bound for all time. Nothing and no one could break them apart.

As he wrapped his arms and legs around his lover, who was about to start moving insde of him, Erestor craned his neck to steal a kiss and asked:

”Will you make me many elflings? And will you love me even when I am unbearable and irritating?”

Glorfindel returned the kiss with all of his unleashed desire and it was all the answer Erestor needed.

He let himself be taken fully, opening up to Glorfindel and for once focusing on the happiness he was feeling, not on the regrets over what he could not have or over what he had lost.

“I am safe now, I am yours, I love you. “ he murmured, letting his feä go join with the golden warrior’s.


[User Picture]From: aprilkat
2007-12-27 07:40 pm (UTC)
First of all, grumpy!Elrond made me laugh a little. :)

I like the way you have woven the lore of the elves throughout your romance, making Glorfindel's concern for Erestor even more critical. He's right - since Erestor has gotten through two such traumas, it makes sense that he should be able to win through this with true love. Saving a fading elf is no small matter!
(Reply) (Thread)
From: moanahine
2008-01-06 10:16 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for the encouraging, warm feedback and for reading!

I like to believe I have a special understanding for Elrond's displeasure at being woken up at impossible hours. I hate that too, when it happens to me.

And elves have sort of grown on me... ever since RingCon 2007.

*hugs* thank you again!
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