January 1st, 2019

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Masterlist for LotR SeSa 2018

Masterlist for LotR SeSa 2018
This year, we have twelve works. The mods would like to thank the writers and artists, and also extend a special thank you to our last-minute pinch hitters who provided invaluable help.

All links lead to the LotR SeSa collection on AO3.

We all know how much writers value feedback, so please be generous with your kudos and comments! :) Note for our participants: We ask that everyone at the very least leaves feedback on their own gift.

An Exceptionally Handsome Dwarf for gambitsgeekyprincess
(Gimli/Legolas; rated G)
Summary: A conversation between Legolas and Gimli leads to Legolas realizing that Gimli was the one that he saw in Glóin's locket many years before.

Exile for Talullah
(Tauriel, Dúnedain; rated G)
Summary: "You are banished. There is nothing for you here."

Fire In The Sky for Melime
(Gimli/Legolas; rated G)
Summary: Gimli's thoughts before and after the final battle against Sauron.

In the Chamber of the King for Savageseraph
(Thorin Oakenshield/Thranduil; rated Explicit; warnings for non-con)
Summary: After enduring the horror of Spiders in so many, many ways, Thorin finds himself confronting a new peril, alone in the chamber of the King.

Love comes in many forms for monkiainen
(Legolas, Gimli, Arwen/Aragorn, Legolas/Aragorn, Thranduil/Celeborn; rated Mature)
Summary: All Gimli wants is to travel to Erebor to show Legolas the splendour of his home of old. But they are joined by an unexpected companion, and things do not turn out as Gimli expected, or wanted. Or do they?

A Midwinter's Ride for Galadriel
(Aragorn/Boromir; rated Explicit; warnings for non-con)
Summary: Gondor’s winter had been unseasonably cold. Frost rimed the leaves carpeting the forest floor and silvered the bark of the trees. The wind buffeted Boromir, wormed its way under his cloak and furs, and soon, the only thing warm about him was his anger.

Ouch! for lynndyre
(Aragorn, Legolas, Éowyn; rated G)
Summary: A tiny scene set in Helms Deep, using P Jackson's events after Aragorn's arrival.

Reach for strength for Elwen (Elwen_of_the_hidden_valley)
(Celebrían/Elrond; Art; rated G)
Summary: Reunion in Aman.

The Return for Empy (Empyreus)
(Glorfindel, Glorfindel's Parents, Mandos, Estë, OCs; rated G)
Summary: Glorfindel is allowed to return from the dead.

Snow in the Valley for Fragiledewdrop
(Maglor, Elrond; rated G)
Summary: Elrond is tired but is happy with an unexpected visit.

Splash for Isilloth
(Aredhel/Celegorm; rated Teens) |
Summary: In which Tyelko and Írissë take a break in a natural spring.

Two Flames for quinngrey
(Curufin/Finrod; no rating given)
Summary: When Curufin arrives to Nargothrond after Dagor Bragollach, he shares a moment with Finrod.