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Lord of the Rings Secret Santa

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Masterlist for the 2017 round of the Lord of the Rings Secret Santa Exchange [Jan. 1st, 2018|09:29 pm]
Lord of the Rings Secret Santa


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Here are the two pieces of fanart and the fourteen stories posted in the 2017 round of lotr_sesa. (All of the stories and fanart can be found in the collection over on AO3.) Thank you to all of our participants both for producing such wonderful fiction and art and for bearing with the mods during a few slight technical hitches!

A note on feedback: The minimum amount of feedback required remains a comment thanking your author/artist for creating a story/piece of art for you. Kudos are nice, of course, but as this is a gift exchange, the rule of thumb is this: You receive a gift, you say thanks. So please, leave feedback for your writer/artist and on the works that tickled your fancy!



A Mannish Yuletide by Fernstrike for Talullah
Rated G; Finrod, Bëor the Old; Art

Consultation by lynndyre for Empy
Rated G; Elrond/Glorfindel; Art
Even the Wise need someone to talk things through with.


A Reason To Stay by Lunarium for lferion
Rated G; Bifur, Bofur, Bombur
By rights, they shouldn't be here. Thorin, Fíli, and Kíli give them a reason to stay.

with sweetness and light by gooseberry for Lunarium
Rated G; Ori, Nori, Balin, OMCs, Dori
In which Ori joins Balin's Company, goes to Khazad-dum, writes letters to Dori, and basically loses his mind because of Khazad-dum. It's a lot of sad, gothic-y, vaguely creepy thoughts about Khazad-dum, and how places are haunted by the events that transpire within them. TA 2989-2994.


By the Mirrormere by Talullah for Melime
Rated PG-13; Legolas/Tauriel, Gimli/Legolas
Legolas stops at the Mirrormere twice.

Now That Mommy's Not Around by monkiainen for amyfortuna
Rated R; Elladan/Elrohir
When their plans of Orc hunting are postponed because of a major snowstorm, Elladan and Elrohir must face something neither of them has dared to voice alive for centuries.

Sanctuary by Empy for Elleth
Rated PG-13; Arwen/Tauriel
In some hidden part of her heart she thinks of it as a new home, a sanctuary filled with starlight.

Strategy and Surrender by Savageseraph for monkiainen
Rated R; Elrond/Legolas
Letting pride keep you from many things that could bring contentment or joy was a mistake Elrond tried not to make.


A Breath of Fresh Air by lferion for Naegling
Rated G; Gimli, Legolas
Gimli, trees, and fresh air.

A Stolen Moment by amyfortuna for Savageseraph
Rated NC-17; Aragorn/Arwen
On the night before the Fellowship sets out from Imladris, Arwen slips into Aragorn's bedroom.

Uprooted by Naegling for Zana
Rated G; Legolas/Gimli
Legolas and Gimli meet at a crossroad and take a trip together. Trees give well meaning advice, and the stars are beautiftul.


Brothers! by Zana for Fernstrike
Rated G; Aragorn/Arwen, Faramir/Eowyn
Queen Arwen helps Lady Eowyn, and finds her own voice in the process.

The Clear Ringing of Trumpets by Galadriel for lynndyre
Rated G; Faramir, Aragorn
Plagued by a reoccurring dream, Faramir finds himself sharing the night air with his new King.

The Fair by Alex_Quine for Galadriel
Rated PG-13; Aragorn/Boromir
A bitter frost has the Two Kingdoms in its grasp and King and Steward are on an unexpected journey.

Lies a Long Shadow by Elleth for gooseberry
Rated G; Malbeth/Firiel
Under the growing shadows of Angmar and amid her prophecies, Malbeth loves Fíriel and bides her time.

Rock below, snow above by Melime for Alex_Quine
Rated G; Aragorn/Boromir
A sudden blizzard traps Aragorn and Boromir inside the ruins of an ancient castle.