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Some Background:

In 2003 shirasade couldn't help herself when she noticed that none of the SeSa challenges around were for Lord of the Rings fanfiction. And we're talking the fictional stuff here, with Elves, Men, and (of course) Hobbits -- even Dwarves and Wizards, if you're so inclined. :)

You can find the stories for both years here on this website (access sorted by species and year on the right). Sadly in 2003 there were quite a number of no-shows, and we therefore moved the challenge from the mailing lists to LiveJournal. In 2004 the challenge was also opened to fanart requests and offers, so you don't necessarily have to write in order to sign up. Because the move to LJ made the challenge much smaller in 2005 we allowed het requests as well as slash as before -- so whatever floats your boat, you can get it here: Slash and het; fanfic and fanart.

In 2006, caras_galadhon, empy and kimberleigh_ came to shirasade's aid and have been sharing the heavy lifting in various combinations ever since. :) Anyway, enough of a preamble come on in, read the stories of the previous years -- and sign up to get a slashy gift of your choice for this year's Christmas (or whatever you want to call it). We promise you, it's fun! :)

The Rules:

1. Your story (or fanart) is due December 16th and will go online December 24th -- please post it to the community (and nowhere else, until January 1st) and we will make it public on Christmas Eve.

2. Naturally, it'd be better if you didn't talk too much about your fic/art beforehand in places where your recipient could see it. Also, as a matter of fairness, please make your story more than 500 words (1000 is better). For fanart we'd expect you to spend at least a couple of hours on your work.

3. Please only sign up if you plan on actually fulfilling your end of the bargain. If you're going to be late or cannot complete your assignment, please let us know so we can discuss alternate arrangements. In addition, there will be a pool of emergency replacement writers/artists, so that everyone who signs up gets their gift.

4. Signing up: Please check the comm for the sign-up post (open until October 31). You can be as specific in your likes and dislikes as you want, or leave everything up to the writer. Also, join the community, so you can post your story and keep track of any admin posts.

5. When you're done, please post to the community with the name of your recipient, the pairing and rating in the subject line. Use headers (with disclaimers, warnings, etc.) and put the fic/fanart itself behind a cut tag. All gifts will go online on Christmas Eve and will be added to the website.

It's not possible that everyone gets to write their OTP, but we'll do our best to make sure you don't have to write something that squicks you, so be sure to let us know your preferences.

Have fun -- and spread the word!

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Upload to your own space and link to http://www.livejournal.com/community/lotr_sesa or http://fandomish.net/lotr_sesa.

Moderators/Maintainers: shirasade, caras_galadhon and empy

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